Generating a KML ElevationΒΆ

This section covers how to use GeoServer templates in conjunction with Google Earth support for ‘height’ to create a height visualizations.

  1. Create the height.ftl file in %TRAINING_ROOT%\geoserver_data\workspaces\geosolutions\states\states\ directory

  2. Open the height.ftl with a text editor and enter the following content:

    ${PERSONS.value?number / 100.0}
  3. Save the height.ftl and navigate to the GeoServer Layers Preview.

  4. Click the KML link next to the geosolutions:states layer.


    Generating KML with the map preview

  5. In the resulting dialog choose to Open with Google Earth and OK (or double click on downloaded KML file)


    Opening KML from GeoServer with Google Earth

  6. Zoom in until states show up in vector form, and then tilt the view to see them extruded.


    Viewing the States population layer in Google Earth